Birds Are Killing Their Babies With Plastic

Birds Are Killing Their Babies With Plastic | Meat Your Future
Photo: Chris Jordan

Albatrosses and other seabird species are feeding their babies a diet of both food and plastic.

Over 90% of seabird species are now estimated to have plastic in their digestive tract. They are literally dying in agony with stomachs filled to the brim with plastic.

We are turning our planet into a garbage dump, which is lethal for other animals like these, who confuse plastic for food.

We are not treading lightly on the Earth. Quite the opposite, in fact. We are decimating the very ecosystems that support us, and taking much, much, much more than we give back.

Please learn about the impact of our consumption choices. Please avoid and reduce your plastic use (and keep in mind a lot of it can’t be recycled – a lot of plastic is not recyclable even if we put it in the recycle bin). Please consider your reproductive choices and the planetary benefits of having small families or adopting. And please do not consume animal foods, the production of which directly kills billions of animals every year and is the number one driver of deforestation.

We know it can sound overwhelming. But the situation is an urgent one, to say the least. We are literally destroying the only planet and the only other companions in the universe we have ever known.

Click here to watch our video about albatrosses.

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