Can You Put Yourself in Her Shoes?

Can You Put Yourself in Her Shoes? | Meat Your Future

Imagine for a moment you were an animal bred to be exploited and killed. Put yourself in their position. These sentient beings go through hell, and have their one and only precious lives violently cut short against their will.

IPlease understand there is no such thing as “humane” meat, dairy, eggs, leather or other animal products. There is simply no way to turn a living, breathing animal into such things without immense suffering, harm and death. Commoditizing animals inevitably results in treatment that we would describe as “torture” if humans were involved.

IFortunately, such violence is completely unnecessary, and we can stop it today simply by choosing not to eat, wear or use animals.

IIf you believe animals matter morally at all, then please take that seriously and go vegan.

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