Is Torturing Animals Our Right?

Is Torturing Animals Our Right? | Meat Your Future

It’s hard to imagine the fear animals experience as they fight to protect their one and only life, and ultimately are killed against their will.

No matter how “humane,” “local,” or “organic” an animal product may be labeled, unnecessarily taking an animal’s life is always violent and unjust. Even under the so-called “best” of circumstances, what animals used for food endure could only be labeled as torture if humans were involved.

Of course, we’ve all grown-up in a society where using and killing animals is normalized. But have you ever stepped back and actually thought about it seriously?

Eating animal foods is completely unnecessary for our health. So, why is it okay to kill animals by the billions against their will for something we do not need?

Is torturing animals our right? And, since that is exactly what we are doing, is that okay with you?

Please think about the horrid situation in which animals currently find themselves.

If you believe that animals matter at all, then please go vegan and do what you can to help raise awareness of these issues so we can strive for a more just and peaceful world for everyone – human and nonhuman alike.

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