Millions of Years of Evolution for This?

Millions of Years of Evolution for This? | Meat Your Future

No doubt, humanity has come far with our technological advances. But our behavior continues to be selfish, inconsiderate, lacking in empathy, shortsighted, and often very cruel.

We’re not just talking about hunters, like this one example of a girl in this photo. We’re talking about humanity as a whole. All of us, as a society.

We display our short-sightedness and our apathy for many environmental conditions that we willfully ignore. We also breed and butcher billions of sentient animals, which results in horrific terror for those individuals bred for the knife.

We do this callously and unnecessarily, without giving a second’s thought to the victims. And we continue to do this despite the fact that we don’t need to consume one single gram of animal foods for our health.

What kind of animals are we? Remember, we humans are indeed animals too, by definition.

How to even begin to describe our current behavior and collective state of mind?

Let’s expedite our push beyond this apathetic stage in our culture and embrace reason, logic and decency. Let’s stop this cruel and destructive madness once and for all.

Please go vegan and do whatever you can to help raise awareness of this ongoing tragedy. It’s the very least we owe other animals.

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