Death and Violence Do Not Belong in Your Body

Death and Violence Do Not Belong in Your Body | Meat Your Future

Why eat the body parts of a sentient being who was violently killed against his or her will?

The end “product” may look different, all cleaned up, colorized, seasoned and cooked. But, when you think about it, meat is just the decaying body of a dead animal who desperately wanted not to be abused and killed.

And, by the way, it’s no better with dairy, eggs, wool or any other “non-flesh” animal products. They all involve violence and death for the animals.

We can nourish ourselves without this graveyard of death and decay. Animal foods are not even healthy for us.

But what about protein? Many people think eating animal foods is the only way to get enough protein. But that’s simply not true.

Both plant foods and animal foods have plenty of protein. However, in plants, the protein is packaged with fiber and phytonutrients, which promote health and disease prevention. Animal protein is packaged with exactly zero fiber or phytonutrients, and promotes heart disease, cancers, diabetes and increased risk of other chronic health problems.

Bottom line, we don’t have to eat one single gram of animal foods. So why do it, if it causes so much harm, suffering and death for sentient animals?

If you haven’t already, please rethink your food and consumption choices and go vegan.

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