Why Must He Be Skinned For His Fur?

Why Must He Be Skinned For His Fur? | Meat Your Future

This beautiful animal did not need to be skinned for his fur. Just like cows don’t need to be skinned for “leather,” sheep don’t need to be mutilated for wool, geese don’t need to have their feathers plucked for “down”, and angora rabbits don’t need their fur torn off them.

It is THEIR skin, THEIR fur, THEIR muscles, THEIR bodies. It’s not ours, and we don’t need any of it.

We also don’t need to eat animal foods, at all. Yet we systemically breed, trap and kill billions of sentient land and sea animals, wild and domesticated, and we mutilate, impose horrific suffering, and then kill them – all for foods we do not biologically need (and, in fact, are healthier without).

We must urgently face our shortcomings and brutality. We must urgently stop this mindless and outdated violence we so callously inflict on others.

If you take morality seriously, if you take nonviolence seriously, then please take seriously the severe impact that your daily choices have on others, and refrain from eating, wearing and using animal products by going vegan.

It’s quite literally the very least we can do. Please also familiarize yourself with these issues and do what you can to help raise awareness among others.

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