Do You Feel His Pain? What About Other Animals Too?

Do You Feel His Pain? | Meat Your Future

The degree of harm we cause animals may sometimes feel abstract. But, make no mistake about it, to the animals, it couldn’t be more real.

It is real pain we cause, real families we break-up, real dread for the animals who do not want to be harmed and killed.

The monkey in the image has had his arm torn off. Whether from a trap or from being tortured, we don’t know. And, it doesn’t really matter, because either way, it was horrible and unjust.

We hope you agree and empathize with his pain and misery. But, in addition, please also consider the billions of other animals who are harmed as a result of human actions.

People set traps for raccoons, foxes and other animals who are injured and often lose limbs trying to free themselves. We barbarically hunt animals with rifles and even bows and arrows. We “fish” for aquatic animals, impaling them in the face and suffocating them out of the water.

And (most significantly by sheer numbers), we cause unimaginable terror and death for billions of animals by eating animal foods.

Simply ordering a chicken salad or grilled cheese sandwich, we are requiring innocent animals to endure unimaginable suffering and a violent death. Whether eggs or cheese, beef or lamb, fish or chicken, *all* animal foods involve unnecessary suffering and death for innocent animals.

So, if you feel bad for this monkey, then good. So, do we. But, if you are still wearing leather or wool, or still eating animal foods, then please think about that. Even if it seems “normal” in our present culture, the simple fact remains that, by buying or consuming animal products, you directly pay for others to impose needless violence and death on vulnerable animals.

Please realize how unnecessary that is, and, in addition to empathizing with animals like this monkey, please also withdraw your support for all cruelty to animals by living vegan.

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