They Are Missing Their Mothers Because We Want Milk

They Are Missing Their Mothers Because We Want Milk | Meat Your Future

These baby calves have been separated from their mothers so we can have milk and other dairy products.

To produce dairy, female cows are impregnated, over and over, to get and keep them lactating. After carrying their babies for nine months (same as humans), their calves are taken away from them right after birth so that we can take the mother’s milk for ourselves.

The beautiful calves in this image are cold, hungry, confused and longing for their mothers. And their mothers are devastated that their calves were taken away from them, over and over again.

But this is what happens when humans decide to drink the milk of a different species. That, in addition to the terrifying slaughter of every one of these vulnerable beings – both the “surplus” calves that result from the repeated impregnations, and the female dairy cows themselves as soon as they are no longer considered to be producing dairy “profitably” (which occurs at a mere fraction of their natural lifespan). They are all subjected to this cruel exploitation, and they all ultimately meet a violent and premature death.

Humans didn’t consume milk of another species for almost all of our history. And we don’t need it for our bones or for anything else. It is outdated, cruel, unhealthy and completely unnecessary. Please ditch dairy and all other animal products, and go vegan.

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