Selfie With A Dying Bull. Must We Be So Callous?

Selfie With A Dying Bull. Must We Be So Callous? | Meat Your Future

A terrified and panicked bull somehow escaped before entering a bullfighting plaza where he was to be tortured and killed.

Although he was able to escape the arena, security agents used their cars to (apparently purposefully) run the bull over and kill him.

A bullfighter, Sergio Blasco, was in the area and couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a “happy” selfie with the dying bull in the background.

How shameful and disheartening that our species can be so callous and cruel.

Can we not instead look into our hearts, harness basic reason, morality and logic, and acknowledge a simple truth – that needlessly exploiting and killing animals is very, very wrong.

Animals deserve our respect and compassion. And, while you may not take selfies with dying animals, if you’re eating, wearing or otherwise using animal products, you are still directly contributing to needless and immense suffering and harm to animals.
Please withdraw your support from such violence, injustice and death by going and staying vegan. It’s the very least we owe them.

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