Do You Love Peace But Pay For Violence?

Do You Love Peace But Pay For Violence? | Meat Your Future
Photo: Tras Los Muros

This piglet was killed at 20 days old, to satisfy the demand for “holiday meats” (indeed, young piglets are often eaten in holiday celebrations, roasted or cooked whole).

Not that killing him a little later would have been okay, as he would’ve had a slightly longer life of torture and would still endure an unwelcome, violent and early death (as all animals used for food do).

Isn’t it bizarre to celebrate peace and love by paying for and supporting this unnecessary and mindless violence against the most vulnerable?

Most of us claim to care about animals. If, for example, we see a video about a dog rescued from a dangerous situation by a firefighter, we are ecstatic and filled with joy. Many people have adopted animals, like dogs from rescues, and love them as part of their family. Would you be okay slitting their throat as they frantically tried to escape? If not, then why pay for *exactly* that to happen to other animals used for food?

Animals are not killed “peacefully.” Witnessing what happens in a slaughterhouse feels just like witnessing a crime, one in which each helpless victim did everything he or she could to survive but was still killed against their will.

We don’t need to support or pay for this violence. We can simply chose to not eat or use animal products, which is healthier for ourselves and the environment as well.

If you are not yet vegan on this Christmas Day, then what better time to fully embrace justice, compassion and nonviolence towards all, and to go vegan?

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful day and year, and we wish nonhuman animals could have peace as well.

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