When Will We Stop Using Animals?

When Will We Stop Using Animals? | Meat Your Future
Photo: Animal Freedom Fighter

This helpless chinchilla just had her fur ripped off. She is in shock and pain.

Many animals survive for hours in this state, and slowly die in agony from blood loss. Animals are often skinned while still alive to prevent “damage” to the intended end product. Another such terrifying but common technique is anal electrocution, which often results in the animal being paralyzed but not fully unconscious (and therefore very much alive and suffering unimaginably as they are skinned).

We know this can sound like some fictional horror story, but unfortunately it is a very dreadful reality for millions of animals used for their fur and skin. Would you ever want to support or pay for such violence and cruelty?

We certainly hope not. But it’s important to understand that it’s not just about fur, skins or pelts. It’s a problem inherent in using animals generally.

Commoditizing animals ALWAYS involves serious suffering and harm. Be it for skins (like leather), feathers (like down), wool, or foods (like milk, eggs, meat and fish), exploiting animals leads to unthinkable pain and horror for vulnerable animals.

We do not need to wear animal products. And we do not need to eat animal foods either (in fact, we can be far healthier by not consuming animal foods at all).

Please consider the profound implications of your food and consumption choices, and go vegan to withdraw your support for the horrors and suffering our society so thoughtlessly visits upon animals.

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