New Years Day Wish: An End to Animal Use

New Years Day Wish: Stop Using Animals | Meat Your Future
Photo: Aitor Garmendia/ Tras Los Muros

We wish everyone good health and peace in 2019. And we deeply and sincerely also wish, with all our heart, that people stop using animals.

This poor sheep is about to be killed against her will. Animals used for food do not want to be stabbed, mutilated, stunned, burned or killed. Animals used for leather, feathers, wool and fur don’t want to have their bodies ripped apart. Female cows don’t want to have their baby calves taken away from them and killed for veal so we can take their milk. All of the animals we exploit value their lives, just like we do.

We have no need to use animals for anything, including food, and we can live happy healthy lives without paying for vulnerable animals to be harmed and killed on our behalf.

This year, today, and always, please recognize the injustice of exploiting animals. Please go vegan and do whatever you can to raise awareness of this extremely important issue.

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