Your Chicken Salad Came From Someone Who Did Not Want to Be Killed

Your Chicken Salad Came From Someone Who Did Not Want to Be Killed | Meat Your Future

Because they look different from us or perhaps don’t seem as cuddly as other animals, many people think of chickens as if they are not even sentient animals.

In fact, we’ve even heard people strangely call themselves “vegetarians” because they “only eat chicken.”

Chickens are, in fact, the most abused land animal in the world because humans consume so many of them every day. Globally, they number more than 19 billion, making them one of the most abundant vertebrate species on the planet.

But contrary to popular belief, chickens are highly intelligent, sensitive and sentient. Researchers have shown that even newly hatched chicks have remarkable skills, like counting and performing basic arithmetic. They are socially complex animals too, and really do not want to be killed to become a sandwich or some dismembered chicken “breast”.

Even if you are an athlete or avid weightlifter, you can get all the nourishment you need (including more than enough protein) simply by eating plant foods instead. It’s healthier for us, and it literally makes the difference between life and death for these precious brids who we are currently mass breeding for the knife.

And, by the way, everything we said above could apply equally (if not more) to aquatic animals like fishes, who are often similarly excluded from consideration because they look different from us. But, in the end, *all* sentient animals (whether chickens, fishes, humans, dogs, pigs, cows, turkeys, or otherwise) matter morally. Each species may be unique and different from others, but they *all* deserve the basic right to not be exploited, harmed and killed unnecessarily.

Please understand that our consumption choices matter. They have a very real impact on other animals. And, if you agree that it’s wrong to impose unnecessary harm and death on animals, then by your own current values, please take that moral obligation seriously and go vegan.

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