Animals Buried Alive – One Consequence of Eating Animal Foods

Animals Buried Alive - One Consequence of Eating Animal Foods | Meat Your Future

In this image, pigs are being culled in South Korea out of concern they have an infection. However, animals are culled all the time all over the world for many different reasons (for example, when there is more supply than demand for their “meat”, in order to keep the price of animal foods from dropping, etc.).

Burying animals alive (and doing all of the other horrible things involved in producing animal foods in general) is not a “South Korea problem”, or a problem specific to some particular country or part of the world. It’s a global problem related to eating animal foods in general.

If you think other animals who are not buried alive, but whose flesh and byproducts are sold in other countries like the U.S., somehow had it any better, you are fooling yourself.

Unspeakable suffering and horrific cruelties (like those shown in this image) are INEVITABLE anytime we commoditize and exploit sentient beings (no matter how “organic”, “farm raised” and “humane” the products may be labeled).

There is simply no way to “humanely” enslave, exploit and kill billions of complex sentient individuals, whether these pigs or any other animal.

This unjust and violent killing is completely unnecessary, as we humans have no need to eat animal foods, and in fact we are healthier without them.

How long will it take for us to recognize that there is nothing “normal” or “okay” in what we’re doing, even if it seems like everyone else is doing it?

Please give serious consideration to what you morally owe other animals, align your actions with your own values, and live vegan. It’s the very least each of us can do.

Please also help others make the connection so we can stop this atrocity that has no place in a so-called civilized or modern society.

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